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12 percent of our country’s water resources are used for drinking and utility purposes. Each of our citizens has important responsibilities in using our available water resources efficiently. By choosing devices, equipment and tools that use water efficiently, we can save significant amounts of water by making small changes in our water use habits in our daily lives.

By changing our habits and using water more efficiently in our daily lives, each of us can save approximately 100 litres of water per day.

By repairing leaky taps, installing water-saving devices on faucet tips, using water-saving shower heads, choosing dishwashers and washing machines with low water and energy consumption, avoiding pre-washing and running machines before they are full, minimizing unnecessary water use during personal care like bathing and brushing teeth, using dual-flush toilets, in short, with simple changes we all know, we can use our water more efficiently.

In our daily lives, besides using drinking water, it is crucial to promote alternative water sources such as rainwater and greywater, inform the public about these issues, and raise awareness. This is highly important for the sustainability of water resources and ensuring the highest benefit from unit water.

Water is the Homeland.

Water is Civilization.

We Must Preserve Our Water!

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