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Under the Auspices of First Lady Emine ERDOĞAN:


Water Efficiency Campaign must reach the whole society!

Water Efficiency can only be achieved together with our people.

Global warming-induced reduced precipitation, excessive evaporation, rapid consumption, and pollution are rapidly depleting the world’s clean water sources. Unless necessary measures are taken to protect and efficiently use water resources, it is inevitable that the number of countries experiencing water stress will increase. In our country, located in a semi-arid climate zone, effective management of water and sound planning of water use are vital.

In our country, collaborative efforts are essential to achieve efficiency and sustainability in urban, agricultural, and industrial water use.

Just as during the War of Independence period when our entire nation united, and the success of our armies was achieved through the sacrifice, effort, and awareness of the entire nation, today water efficiency should also be pursued with the same collective ownership of our society. Because we know that “Water is the Homeland!

To this end, under the auspices of First Lady Erdoğan, and in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the ‘WATER EFFICIENCY CAMPAIGN‘ has been initiated.

We embark on our Water Efficiency Campaign under the theme ‘Zero Loss in Water’, which will also support the Zero Waste Project initiated under the auspices of First Lady Erdoğan.  Regardless of the circumstances, our motto is the uninterrupted continuation of activities crucial for our citizens and, when necessary, the world.”

Water Efficiency cannot be confined within the boundaries of corporate identity!

Water Efficiency Campaign can be sustainable only if it extends beyond the corporate realm and permeates throughout society.

In a broader sense, the ‘Water Efficiency Campaign’ should not be confined within specific limits or boundaries but should extend nationwide. For this reason, the main thing in water efficiency is that there is no defence line but defence territory. One step further, the main thing is to ensure a global water efficiency campaign, neither line nor surface.

Just as the founding wisdom and national will of the Republic are integrated with the “Century of Türkiye” vision today, this approach also includes water, which is life.

Effective management, protection and sustainability of our water resources will play an active role in achieving our “Century of Efficiency and Sustainability” targets, which is one of the “Century of Türkiye” visions of our esteemed President.

Indeed, the Water Efficiency Campaign can only be achieved through the collective efforts and ownership of our entire nation.

And for this reason, by integrating with the entire society and public, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will enhance our strength through the Water Efficiency Campaign.

With its slogans;

“Zero Loss in Water!”

“Be A DROP OF WATER in the Century of Türkiye!”

“Preserve water, preserve the future!”

“Water is Civilization!”

Water Efficiency Campaign entrusts our water to the youth and the entire nation!

Our most important stakeholder in Water Efficiency is our entire nation!

Every citizen is a water efficiency volunteer, advocate, and stakeholder!

Each of us is a drop of water in the Century of Türkiye! A drop of water, a drop of life, every soul is included in life… 

Mission: Zero loss in water and sustainable prosperity

Vision: Establishing and implementing a water efficiency culture throughout the country



  1. Studies Covering All Sectors

A corporate identity has been established for the Water Efficiency Campaign. Promotional activities such as awareness-raising videos, billboards, social media posts, and news coverage in print and visual media are ongoing.

  • Within the scope of the Campaign, a website was prepared, featuring theoretical, technical, and practical content related to both sectoral and individual water efficiency. In the later stages, with the activation of the Water Footprint Calculation Module on the website, individuals will be made aware of the water footprint they leave as a result of their daily activities, going beyond the visible water use. The module will provide suggestions on how to reduce their water footprint.
  • Under the auspices of First Lady Emine ERDOĞAN and the coordination of the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Prof. Dr. Vahit KİRİŞCİ, the “Water Efficiency Campaign” Introductory Meeting was held on January 31, 2023. The Introductory Meeting was held with the participation of the representatives from municipalities, industrial and agricultural sector and was supported by social media posts.
  • A Water Efficiency Technologies Fair and Workshop will be organized, featuring technological developments in water efficiency practices across all sectors.
  • Sectoral documentaries on water efficiency and a series of broadcasts on best practices will be produced in collaboration with TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation).

Additional print and visual media publications will be released to raise awareness about water efficiency.

  1. Sector-specific Studies Conducted:
  • Household Water Use…

Theoretical and practical trainings, projects, trips, investigations, research, festivals, exhibitions, workshops, theatres, surveys, meetings, ceremonies etc. will be carried out in selected schools within the scope of “Water and Children Meetings”, “Water and Youth Meetings” and water-related trainings and activities, aiming to contribute to a water-conscious society by increasing the water-related knowledge of students and teachers. In addition, aerators and sensor taps will be installed in selected schools and their impacts on water use will be monitored.

Efforts will be made to establish “Children Water Councils” and “Youth Water Councils” in schools and municipalities.

Under “Water and Women Meetings”, women entrepreneurs and housewives in the agricultural and industrial sectors will come together and the role of women in water efficiency will be highlighted, both by changing habits and using efficient technologies. By establishing “Women Water Councils” within public education centers in provinces and districts, efficient water use studies will be carried out and shared with the public.

“Water Interviews,” will be conducted with environmentally conscious celebrities from various fields such as art, sports, and media  to raise awareness about water efficiency among the public.

Furthermore, collaborations will be established with the Directorate of Religious Affairs for mosques, the Ministry of Health for hospitals and with other public institutions and organizations in relevant units to raise awareness on use of technologies that ensure efficient water use, rainwater harvesting etc. and develop infrastructure.

  • Reducing Water Loss Rates in Drinking Water Systems…

On the occasion of World Water Loss Day on December 4, a “World Water Loss Day – Water Loss Event” was organized on December 5-6, 2022, in collaboration with the Union of Municipalities of Türkiye. Representatives from metropolitan and provincial municipalities, as well as relevant central institutions, participated in the event.

In addition to the panel and workshop activities at the event, the first stage of the Sister Municipalities for Water was also announced, aiming to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience among municipalities The studies to be carried out within the scope of the protocols signed between the parties will be monitored by the Directorate General for Water Management through regular meetings. Field practices will be carried out to reduce water losses in a pilot municipality to be selected within the scope of sister municipality studies. The sister municipalities initiative will continue until each municipality is reached.

Monitoring and inspection activities will be carried out to follow-up the efforts to reduce water losses.

In addition, awareness raising activities on water efficiency and water saving will be carried out together with municipalities in the basins.


In order to improve water efficiency in industry, as a result of on-site examination of 400 facilities representing sectors with intensive water consumption, specific water consumption values and saving potentials have been determined taking into account international references, and Sectoral Water Efficiency Guidelines and Action Plans have been prepared. The implementation of the guidelines and action plans will be shared with industrialists at the Water Efficiency Campaign Introductory Meeting, water efficiency in industry workshop and events to be held in the basins.



Farmer trainings that prioritize water efficiency in the agricultural sector will be organized with basin-scale events, and field visits will be conducted to agricultural areas with good practices.

Additionally, reports are being prepared that encompass current efforts and plans related to agricultural irrigation, and the structural and financial needs for increasing water efficiency, in collaboration with responsible institutions such as Directorate General for State Hydraulic Works, Directorate General for Agricultural Research, Directorate General for Agricultural Enterprises, Directorate General for Agricultural Reform etc. The importance of information technology applications such as GIS and SCADA in increasing irrigation efficiency will be determined through pilot applications.

  1. Documents to be Prepared, Legal Regulations and Structuring
  • Studies continue to finalize the Water Efficiency Strategy Document and Action Plan.
  • “Water Efficiency Target and Implementation Guidance in Buildings” and “Water Efficiency System Installation Instructions in Buildings” have been prepared.
  • The Water Efficiency Approach Report within the Framework of Adaptation to the Changing Climate has been prepared, in which the sustainability of water resources is assessed along with the expected changes in the water potential of our country on a basin basis due to changing climatic conditions and the contribution of water efficiency practices.
  • In order to support the studies on water efficiency, Water Efficiency Legislation, which will include the legal infrastructure for the Blue Certificate application covering all sectors, will be established.
  • Financial Instrumentswill be establihed for water efficiency investments.
  • Water Tariffs Legislation will be established for the pricing of water services.
  • Water Fund will be established.
  • Water Agencies will be established.

In addition, with the awareness that the most successful water efficiency practices can be achieved through social awareness and participation, the target of the Water Efficiency Campaign is to embrace the vision of water conservation being practiced “everywhere, every moment” and to adopt the understanding that it is the “norm of life.”

Terms of the Action Plan

Short Term Plan (first half of 2023): Announcement of the Water Efficiency Strategy Document and Action Plan, Publication of the Sectoral Guidance Documents, Publication of the TRT Documentary, Sister Municipalities and Schools for Water, Water and Children Meetings, Water and Women Meetings, Farmer Trainings, Sectoral Workshops, Radio and Television Programs, Establishing Financial Instruments for Water Efficiency Investments

Medium Term Plan (2023-2024): Preparation of the Water Law, Preparation of Water Efficiency Legislation, Declaration of Financial Instruments, Establishment of the Water Fund, Establishment of the Water Agency, Establishment of the Industrial Water Efficiency Certification System

Long Term Plan (after 2024): Preparation of the Water Tariff Legislation (legislation to ensure sustainability of water services and promote efficient use), Establishment of the Water Efficiency Units in Municipalities and Industry, Establishment of the Water Efficiency Advisory Line

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